Sefriel Ben Elohim

Saving the World, not your sensibilities

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4 October 1985
Manchester, Weymouth, Midgard, United Kingdom
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Moorlands Junior School - Sale England - Greater Manchester UK
Manchester Grammar School - Manchester England - Greater Manchester UK (1997 - 2004)
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Swordsman; priest; sorcerer; tapdancer. Who could ask for anything more?

Hi, I'm Sef. You probably already know me, but if not, let's just say that I'm a jolly nice chap and that I enjoy a mixture of martial arts, fine whiskies and beautiful women, not necessarily in that order.

I get up to all sorts. I'm a sorcerous Gnostic Christian who sings in a choir at a High Anglican church, a re-enactor who dresses up as a Saxon warrior to do battle with snotty Vikings, and an exorcist who speaks to angels before smiting demons. If that sounds far-fetched and clichéd, you might also like to know that I own a black leather trenchcoat, a 750cc sports tourer motorcycle, and have occult tattoos on my arms with my sigil burned into my neck.

Artistically, I write stuff, at the moment I have a fiction book on the go, an attempt to blend ancient greek philosophy with the occult, and a filmscript that has taken years to go nowhere although it's already finished. I have toured Canada singing with a choir, and I've played the violin and viola since I was young (although not so much Vanessa Mae as Sherlock Holmes). Oh, and I'm Grade 6 Tap Dance. I'm very proud of this fact.

I've worked as a good few things, most recently being a security officer at an airport, but in the past I've been a lampy in a couple of theatres, a chemical engineer, and worked for charities door-to-door. I meant what I said earlier too; I'm a professional exorcist, and run Exodus Solutions.

My life is all flavours of interesting. The most recent chapter has seen me pack my job in and move to Weymouth for a few weeks May '09 to see if a relationship with kashinthegreen is what I've been looking for since my previous soulmate relocated to another body (long story). The answer appears to be yes, and most importantly, her cats have adopted me. I am now moved in properly, appear to have a part time job, and enjoy life with my wife, our many pets and our impending first son! Following our handfasting on Samhain 2009, we conceived and had our little starfall Nathanael Ben Sefriel, info on whom can be found at nathanbensef. We married legally October 27th 2010.

I am also affiliated with various occult organisations, including Christian Gnostic Mysticism and Ordo Templi Orientis, in which I hold Minerval degree and am separately confirmed in EGC.

This journal chronicles my misadventures in all departments, from swordfighting and martial arts to spiritual shenanigans and random bouts of artistic inspiration. There's also the standard amount of moaning that goes on in all journals, but I have my excuses and try not to take myself too seriously. Please remember that, no matter how outlandish and weird I may seem, I keep this in mind too and do my best to stay sane.

I'm a good bloke who has been described as "like a cross between Hugh Hefner and MacGuyver" and, frankly, that'll do me just fine. Send me a message if you want to join my friendslist, or find me on Facebook if you use that.

All the best.
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